Girl on the Go: Chinese Lantern Festival

Hi, It’s Jessica Farrell your Transaction Manager here!

Interested in experiencing the culture, food and artistry of China without the expense of travel and painful jet lag?  Well, you are in luck as the Chinese Lantern Festival has returned to Franklin Square from now through June 30th.  It’s the perfect event for any group – family, friends, date night or a reason to take some time for yourself after a long work week.


As you arrive at 6th and Race you are greeted by a massive double dragon gate that transports you out of the city of brotherly love and into the wonders of China. A little insider’s tip is to arrive at the exhibit early, experience performances by acrobats, face-changers and various folk artists before the sun sets. You will slowly watch the lanterns come to life as the sun disappears behind the city’s skyline while you avoided the long lines that accumulate as the night progresses. No time for dinner?  No worries. Authentic Asian cuisine is available on site for a full culinary immersion.

The massive structures of this exhibit are impressive from afar but as you get closer you can see the minute details and mini lanterns that are brought together to create larger than life images. Plan to take time to look towards the sky as there are surprises everywhere you turn. 


Be sure to enjoy the 30-minute stage performances that take place three times an evening. You will be amazed by the poise of martial arts specialists, flexibility of the acrobats, and the athleticism of the whimsical dancers. Try to figure out the magic behind the face-changer’s multiple masks.

What “trip” to China would be complete without Panda bears? This year’s event has dedicated an entire section to these roly-poly animals. Their antics will crack you up. While this is by far a kid favorite if you don’t love it, you might not have a soul.

Speaking of non-kid aged people, they can grab a beer at the beer garden by the massive dragon while the kids can enjoy some time on the neon light color-changing swings and seesaws.

PS, Franklin Square’s famous carousel and mini-golf remain open in the square during the event.