Hidden Gems in Northeast Philly: Tacony

Image taken from Wikimedia Commons

Image taken from Wikimedia Commons

With its rich history, Northeast Philadelphia is a mix of quirky neighborhoods, tasty restaurants, and many longstanding traditions.  For example, the 4200 block of Greeby St in Tacony has been lit up with lights every Christmas for almost 20 years now, and is a joyous and welcoming start to the holiday season. According to the residents, they do this mostly out of fun, duty, and a love of their community. This is the kind of attitude that pervades throughout Northeast Philly: a deep sense of dedication and affection towards a community that is constantly improving. While they’re always open to change, Tacony residents in particular are very proud of their historical roots.

It’s believed the name originates from the Lenape Taokanick, which translates to ‘forest’ or ‘wilderness’. Tacony’s beginnings were greatly shaped by its founder Henry Disston, owner of one of the Disston Saw Works. This company grew into the world’s largest saw manufacturer, and is currently known as Disston Precision. Another famous landmark in the neighborhood is the Tacony Music Hall. Originally built in 1885, the building was renovated in the late 1980s and led to the creation of the Historical Society of Tacony. Today, Tacony is constantly growing due to the efforts of the Tacony Community Development Organization. The group spearheaded the Historic Tacony Revitalization Project, which has supported new businesses and development projects in the area.


Ready to move in and explore this area yourself? Take a look at 4425 Unruh Ave, with its expansive yard, welcoming front porch, and brick exterior. The home greets you with a wide open living room, gleaming hardwood floors, and a host of new additions (including new tile floors in the kitchen). Your family can also take advantage of the brand spanking new Tacony Academy Charter School at 1330 Rhawn St. The school’s mission is to enhance, support, and promote creative and critical thinking as well as enhancing problem solving skills to build up a new generation of inventors, creators, and innovators. Many residents also enjoy the Vogt Playground, where there's always a game going around for people of all ages to enjoy. Feeling like grabbing a bite to eat? 4425 Unruh is only a short stroll away from the Grey Lodge Pub, Joe’s Steaks and Soda Shop, Athenian Restaurant, Montesini Pizza, and Tony Luke’s, and the original Chickie’s and Pete’s on Frankford Ave. 

Will all of the highlights, amenities and charms of the neighborhood, you won’t want to miss out on this home.