Happy Mother's Day! Mama Knows Best

Mother's Day is a big deal for us here at Philly Home Girls. We know better than anyone how many sacrifices mothers make and how hard they work to make sure our lives are full. Whether you're taking your mom to a Mother's Day Succulent Workshop at The Schmidt's Commons, Fitler Square's Spring Fair, Rittenhouse Square's craft show, or the Spring Art Star Craft Bazaar at Penn's Landing, there are a ton of ways to show mom you love her on Sunday.

We wanted to honor our mom's this weekend by sharing with you "the best advice our moms have ever given us". We hope you enjoy and share yours as well!


My mom raised me to appreciate what I have. While champagne tastes were motiving, we were grateful for everything we had on a beer budget. We were always happy and never wasted energy or time on wishing and wanting. My brother and I had savings accounts before we turned 4. We did chores to earn our allowance. Gifts and candy were for holidays and birthdays. Anything else had to come from working and earning. To this day, I’ve never felt entitled to anything I didn’t work for.

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The best advice my mom ever gave me was "Life is too short to live with regrets...Love hard, give it your all, earn everything you are given, never look back always forgive those who have hurt you and apologize to anyone you have hurt." While she used this to help a 6 year old understand why her Daddy had once again let her down I have always tried to live by those words and now teach my three kids to do the same. Hopefully when my kids are older they will look back at both their Mom and their Grandma as strong single moms who fought to pave the way so that their future is even brighter than ours.


Jessica is also a Mom herself to Colin, Cara, and Chloe. When we asked them what the best advice their mom ever gave them was, here is what they had to say:



To remember to get out of his own head.



The best advice my mom has given me is probably at one of my soccer games. She was the coach and even though we were losing she told the team, “ Never give up, even if you are feeling down, don’t let your heads swing low. Just get out there and try your best.” I took it as life advice, not just soccer.


The greatest advice my mom gave me was that if I give it my all that would be enough.



My mom Derelle joined my family when I was in middle school and by doing so added 5 more kids to her life. She's a crock-pot queen and taught me how to cook pretty much everything I know.  Derelle is always down for a good movie night, dog walk, or renovation investigation. Although she has given me plenty of good advice in my life, the best piece was probably something about not worrying so much. I remember one time in high school when I was freaking out about something she passed on Matthew 6:26-34 for me to read, it's been favorite ever since. 



I hear my mom's voice in my head with little mannerisms, things like: sit up straight, hold the door for a lady, make your bed and wear clean underwear. Mostly I remember our home being full of love and creative projects led by my mom.

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Christian and Allison Fegel's son Oliver, also known as our Philly Home Kid also had some advice from his mom.


My mom taught me to treat people how you want to be treated and to use my napkin.

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I can't recall any direct advice but as a child, her thriftiness surely made me a saver vs a spender. Ah, and to moisturize, my mom taught me always wash and moisture!


My mom is my biggest fan and biggest critic, she has always held me to a high standard which has helped mold and shapes me into the person I am today. Kim (mom) came into my life when I was four years old, and I am beyond grateful. She is the strongest, most kind, and badass women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I get to call her mom!


I would say the best advice she ever gave is to live a true and honest life, work hard, and don’t expect anything, rather go out and earn it. She has worked countless hours building her businesses and the life she provided me is living proof of her hustle, grit, and determination. 


My mom isn’t much of an advice giver, but I have always admired her love of travel and trying new things, as well as her creativity and ability to create beauty with her hands. Having her as my support and role model has taught me to love adventure and to have the confidence to follow my dreams. 

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The best advice my mother has ever given me was to focus on myself. My generation has a habit of being distracted easily because they focus more on what occurs around them via social media, rather than focusing on what is taking place in their lives. With these distractions, it becomes challenging to make difficult decisions and prioritize. I’ve learned that when much time is spent reflecting on the lives of others, you forget to appreciate and cherish your own. However, when you focus on your goals and plans, you make progress, becoming a step closer to success. My mother reminds me every day why I should be focused, with her career as an accomplished cosmetologist and professional choreographer. Cosmetologists have to be innovative and create new styles that will illuminate their features; whereas in her choreography I have witnessed her use her experiences and passion into creating heartfelt performances. She can freely create and style because of her incredible tunnel-vision. Nothing distracts my mother while she’s working; I aspire to adapt her work ethic and be as diligent as her in every aspect of my life.