Kendra Scott: Family, Fashion, and Philanthropy


Step just a little bit outside of the city, and you find yourself in an area that is quaint, scenic, and yet still bursting with life. Welcome to Ardmore, home of Suburban Square, some of the best schools in the country, and our latest business spotlight, Kendra Scott.

Kendra Scott is a jewelry brand created by philanthropist Kendra Scott, and the brand is based on three core values: “Family, Fashion, and Philanthropy.” Since beginning her business in 2002 with $500 and a spare bedroom, Kendra Scott has grown a one-woman jewelry line into a national jewelry, fashion, and lifestyle brand with over 65 stores across the country.


Sara Scott, the Community Relations and Events Manager of the Ardmore store, tells us that the “philanthropy” in the Kendra Scott motto is not just for show.  “Whether it’s a local chapter of a non-profit, a community-based charity, or even a family in need, we always have something to give,” says Scott.


Each Kendra Scott location hosts events where anyone from the community can request a fundraiser and the store will host and give a portion of their proceeds to the chosen charity. The Ardmore store has already raised over $15,000 for local organizations.

Sara Scott, Community Relations and Events Manager

Sara Scott, Community Relations and Events Manager

Not only do they make it their business to give back on a large scale, but to give to anyone who looks in need of some cheer. Scott recalls a woman stopping by to request a donation for a local school fundraiser. After talking to this woman, they discovered that she herself was battling breast cancer. “We asked her to design a piece of jewelry that would help make her feel beautiful during her journey,” says Scott, “and we were able to gift her those earrings on the spot,” Scott recalls how both the woman and the staff were so moved, they were all in tears by the end of the exchange. Because of the staple Color Bar that exists in each store, a drawer area filled with 29 stone colors and 52 styles of jewelry, the staff is able to customize pieces in store in minutes, creating personalized jewelry for anyone on any visit.


In addition to its gorgeous jewelry and generous fundraisers, Kendra Scott has more recently become an amazing place to go for home goods. “One of the categories I’m most excited about is our amazing Home Collection,” Scott told us. “It shines as bright as our jewelry does and we love knowing that it will warm our customers’ homes!”


While the Kendra Scott Home Collection has existed since 2015, it is welcoming some fabulous new additions this season. Abalone Shell, White Mother of Pearl, and Teal Magnesite make frames, boxes, and bed trays, or “jewelry for the home,” as Scott puts it.


And what is home to Scott? “Home isn’t a place, but a feeling…  I feel at home every time I drive along the river and see Boathouse Row, any time I walk through Reading Terminal, and of course watching the Light Show at Macy's every holiday season.


Philadelphia is such an amazing city full of such vibrant areas—it’s impossible not to feel at home in every little pocket of the city.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Sara Scott and her team popped up shop at our Suite Row Phase II Grande Open House Parisian Carnival this past year to give our clients the chance to shop their amazing collection.

In the true spirit of philanthropy, they even donated a percentage of every sale back into H.A Brown Elementary School in honor and support of the neighborhood. Our clients had a blast trying things on and shopping for a good cause. 

Stay tuned into Kendra's social @kendrascott to see what gorgeous designs and home goods are available and check into the Philly Home Girls feed to see when the brand will pop up for us next!