Perfectly Point Breeze (and Newbold!): An Overview

Photo courtesy of Nicholas Chen - Flickr

Photo courtesy of Nicholas Chen - Flickr

If you’re looking for intelligently designed, low maintenance new construction within walking distance of Philly’s iconic Rittenhouse Square, check out these new condos at 2046 Federal St in Philly’s newest and most vibrant place to be, Point Breeze! Point Breeze and neighboring Newbold are also host to a variety of amazing homes, including the beautiful and well-crafted 1846 S. Chadwick St. This neighborhood, like all popular neighborhoods is anchored by Point Breeze Avenue. Historically, it catered to most of the resident’s needs, with a variety of dress shops, grocery stores, and small businesses supplying the area. Currently it’s experience a renaissance throwing back to the days of its bustling yore.  Overall, Point Breeze continues to be a distinctive neighborhood marrying new and old and growing to the beat of its own drum.

Point Breeze is a classic example of the resilience of Philadelphia. A place where communities continue to strengthen over time. It’s also gone through a host of new development changes, with a particular notice towards three units on 2046 Federal St. This brand new condo construction features a brick exterior with a security system, central air, and polished hardwood floors throughout the building. Each unit caries its own private outdoor area, with a patio for the first unit, side deck for the second, and roof deck for the third unit. Only 1.3 miles from Rittenhouse Square and 2.4 miles from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 2046 Federal is only a short walk from the best of University City. These condos are sleek, stylish, and gorgeous addition to the evolving and revitalized neighborhood of Point Breeze. 


Take a peek inside 2046 Federal St #1, complete with a private patio for those who enjoy a leisurely night outside.

Or maybe you prefer a more secluded spot where you can look down and see the city below. 2046 Federal St #2 has you covered with a cozy side deck.

For those of us who like the feeling of lording over the treetops, enjoy the lovely roof deck at 2046 Federal St #3. 

Additionally, Point Breeze known for being an area rich in culture. The greatest example of this is the Point Breeze Performing Arts Center at 1717-21 Point Breeze Ave, and organization that has trained scores of professionally trained dancers. The culinary scene in this neighborhood is culturally diverse as well. Residence can experience all types of cuisine from across the globe.  Most notably, Circle’s Thai, an absolutely amazing Thai restaurant known to be the most authentic in the city. You definitely have to check out Circles Fried Rice.

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One of the most notable non-profits in the area is South Philadelphia HOMES Inc., or SPHINC for short. This organization offers everything from career services to nutrition classes in the hopes of building up the South Philadelphia community, with an emphasis on Point Breeze. Neighboring Newbold is a branch off from Point Breeze, with a variety of community organizations such as the Newbold Neighborhoods Association and the Newbold Civic Association which help with economic development efforts in the area. While a variety of tensions have developed as a result of these changes – including a most recent clash over a Pop Up Beer Garden in Point Breeze – the neighborhood overall is on an upward trend. For example, Habitat for Humanity also has a foothold in the area, and has been doing great work to improve the lives of residents and Philly at large. Other organizations serve to rebuild the community atmosphere in Point Breeze, including the Point Breeze Pioneers, a group that speaks of events and news happening in the area. 

Point Breeze Pop Up Garden. Photo courtesy of Uwishnuu.

Point Breeze Pop Up Garden. Photo courtesy of Uwishnuu.

The Point Breeze-Newbold area continues to grow into an incredibly vibrant neighborhood, and builds up on its rich history. With its easy commute to Rittenhouse of the University of Penn, you can zip right into the heart of the city while also experience one of Philly’s quieter neighborhoods. Looking for some inspiration on starting your Point Breeze tour? Here are some of our favorite spots!

Kermit’s Bake Shoppe, a neighborhood favorite known for its wide assortment of cakes, pies, and pizzas.

The American Sardine Bar, named the number one bar in Philly by Foobooz. They offer a variety of frequent specials and a fantastic beer selection.

Tasty Toast, a new breakfast spot that has taken the Point Breeze-Newbold area by storm.

Breezy’s Café, which prides itself on using a variety of locally sourced ingredients and has a host of vegetarian and vegan options.

Ultimo Coffee, known for its cozy atmosphere and place in the Philly coffee culture scene.

Brew, an aptly named ‘beer boutique’ in the core of South Philly. The brew selection is excellent, ranging from local to international beers.

These are just a sampling of what this area has to offer. Point Breeze is a neighborhood filled with charm and style, complimented by its working class roots and community atmosphere. The condos at 2046 Federal St are just a small taste of what this great neighborhood has to offer - so don't miss out!