PHG TIPS! Make the Most of Your Backyard Pool


Remember all of those summer pool parties you went to as a kid? Or maybe you just ran through the sprinkler in the backyard with your friends. Well, those parties are about to get an upgrade. After dealing with these Philly heat waves, you deserve to cool off! If you’re worried about the hassles of pool maintenance, here’s our cheat sheet to making the most out of your brand new pool and get ready for that 4th of July barbecue you’ve been dreaming about.

Tip #1: Organize Your Paperwork

The number one thing you can do to prevent later headaches is to organize all of your pool documents. When you’ve settled on your lovely new home, make sure you ask the seller for any documentation they have on the structure and condition of the pool. Being up to date on any potential issues (and special features) of your pool will make future maintenance simple and easy. Another useful tip is to take pictures of your new pool to assess its current condition and have records for the future. Keep a file for all of your paperwork now, and save yourself any future problems.

Tip #2: Get a Pool Buddy!

Do you still remember the buddy system? The same principle goes for your pool. Your local pool supply store can connect you to a professional who can get you into initiated into the world of personal pool ownership. For a larger and more comprehensive resource, the Penn-Jersey chapter of the local Pool Association has a list where you can find pool professionals in the Philly area. Besides that, throw a housewarming party and invite your friends, family, and new neighbors! See if any of them have connections to an expert or have experience with pool maintenance on their own.

Tip #3: Read Over the Basics

Besides simply keeping a record of the documents, learn the basics of pool renovation and maintenance. Have you checked to see what type of filtration systems your pool uses? The three primary types are sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth. There are perks and downsides to each system, such as how much backwashing (running the pump in reverse) is needed, and how clean the water will be. You should also know that the pH and chlorine or salt systems should be tested on a weekly basis. Like filtration, there are benefits and disadvantages to using either salt or chlorine, though salt systems have been gaining popularity because they are better for your skin and hair.

Tip #4: Have Fun

Now that you’re a pool maintenance guru, it’s time to sit back and have fun. Don’t get so bogged down in the technical details that you forget your dream of owning your very own pool. Spice up your pool with some floating LED speakers, or browse around and get inspired by these amazing pool designs. You’ve worked so hard to keep your pool in perfect condition, now go and start planning your next event.