Recycle, Renew, Refresh

Philly is working hard to earn its place as one of the greenest cities in America, and we are lucky to have weekly curbside recycling pickup citywide. Gone are the days of sorting every discarded item as households can now recycle more than ever with single stream recycling!


Photo borrowed from our friends at Sustainable 19125, doing great work in the Riverwards. Check out this video about what they are up to.

We Tweeted the nice folks over @Philly311 to find out where to get one of those cool blue recycling bins:


The Streets Department told me that there are 3 different spots where you can pick up a bin, Monday-Saturday 8-6 depending on your neighborhood. I was directed to 3033 S. 63rd street and told to call 215-430-3440 first to make sure the bins are in stock. The other pick up spots are in Roxborough and near the Police Academy in the Northeast.

Alternately, some neighborhood groups distribute the bins to residents, and you can get more information on crafting your own here.

THE BEST PART is that you can sign up to get rewarded for recycling! The Philadelphia Recycling Rewards Program gives you points each time you recycle AND the more your neighbors recycle the more points you get. So while you're getting yourself a bin, get a few to give away to your neighbors. Our adorable friend and client, Shannon, redeemed her recycling points for gift cards to the bar down the street from her Center City abode!

Here is a full list of what can and cannot be recycled.

A few tips:

1. Rinse out your cans & jars, unless you are trying to be best friends with your neighborhood raccoon.

2. It's ok to use more than one bin, if items spill over onto the sidewalk you could get a ticket. (Yes, there are trash police)

3. Trash & recycling can be put out after 7pm the night before pick up (don't let the trash police get you) Here is a link to find what day pick up is for your block.

4. Make sure to mark your bin with your house number or some other distinguishing marks. I'm a fan of spray-painting hot pink hearts, but use your imagination & you'll never have to wonder who stole your recycling bin.

Spread the word! HAPPY RECYCLING!!!!