Where can I live for a hot minute?


Where can future Philadelphians live for a hot minute while they house hunt?

The Philly Home Girls are certified to service corporate relocation clients of Cartus, USAA, SIRVA, the MI Group and other major relocation service providers. Because our team has earned a reputation for providing relocation clients the highest standard of service, we have been sought out by home buyers relocating to Philadelphia from all over the world.  Our success in servicing this niche market has also attracted sellers who own properties that could easily attract a buyer from our pool of relocating buyers. 

When these potential new Philadelphians contract our services, they receive in advance a comprehensive package of information about the neighborhoods they are most interested in.  We create an intensive schedule of how we will best spend their house hunting trips.  We hit the ground running, waste no time, recommend they wear comfortable shoes, and provide snacks and hydration.  They see every property applicable to their search and the available properties to compare and contrast their options.  They receive suggestions of where and where and when to experience their top choice neighborhoods as well as a list of the hot spots in the area that have the best food or activities, and most importantly examples of who their new neighbors might be so they can meet the locals and get suggestions and opinions of what the lifestyle is like in their potential new community.

One of the most interesting questions we’re asked when interviewed by relocation clients, is where the best short term housing.  Philadelphia’s short term housing possibilities are limited, probably because people who visit end up staying.  Here is a list of the best possibilities according to our clients:

The AKA Rittenhouse Square is located on the corner of 18th and Walnut Streets in the center of Philadelphia’s most affluent, centrally located neighborhood. The hotel is fairly new and every inch of it shows as freshly remodeled.  As upscale as this facility is, the rates are reasonable. This may be a secret, but the AKA is actually the luxury division of Korman Suites.

Speaking of Korman Suites there are three of these amazing residences in the area.  Winchester Walk and Rushwood are both located in the north east, about 30 minutes north and east of center city by car.  International City Chalets is the second, located near the airport which is south of Center City by almost 9 miles, or a 20 minute drive downtown.

Another great site for finding furnished corporate rentals is Oakwood.com. It operates like an online reservation site but they represent individual owners. 

Home 2 is a brand spanking new hotel stocked with furnished studios or one-bedroom suites with fully-equipped kitchens. The rooms have been reviewed as spacious with plenty of storage, a living area with a comfy sofa bed and fully-equipped kitchens.  This hotel is located near the Convention Center in Chinatown which is walkable to everything and easily accessible by public transit and regional rail to the airport and surrounding suburbs.

Finally, if you’re looking for a 3 month rental with parking but you’ll have to furnish it, we recommend Philadelphia’s famous condo building shaped like a cruise ship, located right on the water at Penn’s Landing adjacent to lovely Queen Village.  It’s a very social building with club room, practice piano, pool, gym, bike storage, concierge service and drop dead gorgeous views of the Delaware River.  More info can be found here at the DePaul Management Company.

Happy traveling!