It's Valentine's Day! Grab your sweet, some popcorn and check out our Top 10 Real Estate Movie List!

Everyone wants to KISS on Valentine’s Day.  And by KISS we mean Keep It Simple Stupid.  The best, most romantic, simple and easy way to spend Valentine’s Day is by going on a date.  That’s right folks; we’re getting back to basics.  Taking your significant other out to a nice dinner and a movie is a great way to spend quality time together, avoid dirtying up the kitchen, and experiencing something new to talk about.

The Philly Home Girls love movies and we love real estate.  If you love both equally, like we do, you might want to watch these two videos starring our new listings, OR...

...One of our top 10 favorite real estate themed movies!

#1 The Money Pit
Released in 1986 starring Tom Hanks & Shelley Long
This movie must be as inspiring as it is scary because every buyer we represent who is considering a fixer-upper references this movie before we do.  It’s a slapstick comedy about a couple who bought their dream house, only to find the fixer-upper was a nightmare.  Everything that can go wrong does, and the Money Pit nearly ruins them. In the end, their relationship wins and turns out to be stronger for it.  This film was actually a remake of a 1948 movie, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, starring Cary Grant.  We’ll put it on the list of movies to watch after the spring market is over and we have time to breathe again!

#2 Funny Farm
Released in 1988 starring Chevy Chase & Madolyn Smith Osborne
If you liked the Money Pit, you’ll love Funny Farm. Not only is it a movie about real estate, but it is a holiday movie, two of our favorite genres in one!  In the same ilk as the Money Pit, this slapstick comedy features two naïve city slickers who decide that the grass is greener in the country. However, they quickly discover that anything that can go wrong, will.  Comedy ensues and pushes their relationship over the edge. They end up hiring the community to pose as a Norman Rockwell vignette in order to sell the house (great marketing idea!) and through the process fall back in love and with each other and with their home.

#3 Pacific Heights
Released in 1990 starring Melanie Griffith, Matthew Modine, & Michael Keaton
We shouldn’t tell you about this because once you see it you’ll never want to buy and live in a duplex.   Or, maybe we should make you see it because buying a duplex in Philly that’s nice enough to live in is about the most challenging real estate adventure you can embark on! This Hitchcock-ian style suspense thriller made it to Bravo’s top 100 scariest movie moments.  Again, a naive couple wearing rose-colored glasses go house-poor buying and renovating an idyllic duplex in San Fran only to rent it to the worst tenant. (Turns out “a naive city slicker couple….” is the way a lot of movie plots start out.)

#4 Duplex
Released in 2003 Starring Ben Stiller & Drew Barrymore
Speaking of duplexes, rather than going house-poor and renting to a nightmare tenant, this couple of city slickers buy a duplex with a nightmare tenant already in place.  The funny part is that the tenant is a dear, sweet old lady.  Don’t worry, in Philly this could never happen, we don’t have any of that ridiculous rent control that NYC has.  Silly NYC, when will you ever be as cool as Philly?

#5 Moving
Released in 1988 Starring Richard Pryor
The Philly Home Girls represent a lot of relocation clients who are coming to Philly to buy a house in one weekend without ever having been here before. Luckily, they get connected with us and our objective is to learn about their lifestyle and find the location that best suits them.  In Moving, Richard Pryor accepts what seems to be a dream promotion to Idaho. He soon discovers, however, that moving has its own share of problems.

#6 I Love You Man
Released in 2009 starring Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, & Rashida Jones
Jeanne's favorite actor on earth, the adorable and sexy Paul Rudd, goes on a series of man-dates to find a best man for his wedding. How is this real estate themed? Well, we’ll tell you. Paul Rudd plays a real estate agent (see what we did there?) and his new BFF goes on a marketing spree to both enhance his career and work his way to the top of the friend list. 

#7 Date Night
Released in 2010 Starring Steve Carell, Tina Fey, & Mark Wahlberg
Tina Fey plays a real estate agent (yes, please, can I have some more).  There are two very accurate, funny scenes portraying Tina's character and her clients.  One scene shows Tina touring a house that was originally listed at $1.3M and is now reduced to a ridiculously low $320K. Her buyers feel they can wait it out in the hopes of getting it cheaper.  In another scene, her shirtless client, Mark Wahlberg (yes, please, can I have some more) talks about all the time she spent with him alone in empty houses in front of Steve Carell, who plays Tina Fey’s husband. Funny and often true!

#8 American Beauty
Released in 1999 starring Kevin Spacey & Annette Bening
The magical real estate moment in this movie is when Annette Bening, portraying an ambitious real estate agent, does an amazing job getting a property ready for an open house.  This moment is such an accurate interpretation of how we feel that when we host an open house that we often use “Annette Bening” as a verb. We describe to our selling clients exactly how we’re going to treat their open house, “Seller, I’m going to Annette Bening the living poop out of this open house!”

#9 Beetlejuice
Released in 1988 starring Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, & Michael Keaton
You forgot this movie was about real estate didn’t you? It is on so many levels.  First, Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin literally embody tenants from hell. Second, Catherine O’Hara moves her family and her daughter, Winona Ryder, into a house where the previous owners died. Come on now, we know that every time the buyers ask, “Who are the sellers?” they really mean, “Who died here?”.  Finally, the furniture that Catharine O’Hara moves into the house is so iconic that it’s become its own genre of home decor.

#10 The War of the Roses
Released in 1989 starring Michael Douglas & Kathleen Turner

What list of real estate movies would be complete without one divorce?  It is one of the top two reasons people sell houses!  This couple of city slickers decide to divorce, but refuse to move out of their renovated mansion. True to our theme, whatever bad things can happen, will, including a famous scene where a chandelier gets used as a weapon of mass destruction.  It’s hard to watch but worth every gut-wrenching second!