Annie: Vegan Chef & Food Scientist

Annie has turned home ownership into an art.  Her career as a food scientist has involved quite a few moves across the country. Along the way she has been afforded the opportunity to live in a variety of cities and types of homes from California, to Minnesota, to Philadelphia.

Annie has an incredible network of friends.  She’s a social person and a righteous vegan chef.  Her personal life and her work life are, of course, very important to her. We met Annie on a leg of her journey involving working in Vineland, NJ but wanting to live close to her progressive, fun, city dwelling friends, and enjoying the thriving culinary scene in Philadelphia.  This combination presented a challenge in choosing a neighborhood.  Ultimately we decided on Passyunk Square for its central location, and a specific hidden block of Mifflin St. for its ease of parking.  This way Annie could reverse commute to NJ for work and find a parking space quickly and comfortably when she got home.  Once home, there’s really no use for a car because she’s literally a few doors down from vibrant and delicious Passyunk Avenue and only a couple small blocks from the subway.

In order to settle the grass under her feet, Annie creates stability in her life by using her space as a gallery to frame the collections, heirlooms and meaningful findings she’s accumulated on her journey.  In her home and garden you’ll see heirlooms from her stylish grandmother, vintage textiles, hand sewn curtains, and an extraordinary collection of paint-by-numbers.  Every time a Philly Home Girl sees one we text Annie a photo to see if she’s in the market.  Her collections of items found while traveling overseas or while antiquing with friends remind her that no matter where she lives or works, she’s always connected to the people she loves.

- Jeanne