Ashley & Kevin: Charm Seekers

In photo one: ceramic plate: Wesley Anderegg | painting: Martha Rich | ceramic in Lucite cube: Lauren Mabry | ceramic cup: Peter Pincus

What do you love most about where you live?

Kevin: I love being close to Passyunk Avenue. We walk up there all the time for dinner or a drink. I love having a finished basement as a den and having the living room as proper living room

Ashley: I love the house itself.  I love the original details and the charm.  When we bought the house we came here after settlement and I hugged the built in armoire. I will probably cry when we leave, and hug it again. Like Kevin, I really love the access to Passyunk Ave. I like that it is close to Center City  but without the hustle and bustle.

Where is your favorite neighborhood place for a bite to eat? 

Kevin: Los Gallos, just two blocks down on Wolf. Ashley: Sate Kampar on the Avenue.

Both: Stogie Joe’s pizza is THE BEST.

In photo seven: mosaic: Jim Bachor | ceramic cylinders: Lauren Mabry | round ceramic/wood pieces: Mari Iwabuchi

What is your favorite room of your house?

Kevin: The finished basement. 

Ashley: The master bedroom. The built-in armoire is just amazing. I also really love the dining room and having dinner parties in the space and being able to look at the etched French glass doors, the alcove and the chandelier above.

What milestones have you accomplished in your home?

Both:  We were able to walk to Game 5 of the 2009 World Series, Phillies v. Yankees. We are huge Yankees fans (don’t hold it against us), but fortunately for us given we had Yankees gear on, the Phillies won that game. The Yankees did win the whole thing at home in Game 6 however…

In photo four: ceramic platter: Sandy Simon

How was the home buying process for you? What made you say, "this is it!"?

Both: Pretty easy. We didn’t look at a ton of homes before we saw this one. Beyond the built-in armoire, the original tile in the entryway, the original beveled and etched French glass doors, embossed wallpaper, plus original chandeliers, with great updates, made it the house for us.

How did you find your PHG agent and how was your experience?

Both: Jeanne Whipple is the Kevin Bacon of Philadelphia. She knows everyone.  We actually met her at a mutual friend’s house at a party probably five or six years ago (maybe more?), then discovered about 20 more people we know, also know Jeanne.  

Best memory in your home?

Both: We host an annual hot dog party each summer. We import hot dogs from Hoffman Sausage Company in Syracuse, NY, near where we both grew up, and make all sorts of hot dog accoutrements to go on top, from the basic ketchup, mustard and relish, to ingredients for Chicago style dogs, to “Michigan Sauce” to “The Dip”, which is not for the faint of heart. We are already having people clamor to host it for us back in Philly next summer.

In photo one: Cake illustration: Maria Beddia | photo two: abstract diptych Joseph Rodriguez | photo four: abalone watercolor: Eve Steccati Tanovitz | burlesque dancer Jamie Vasta | photo five: ceramic cylinder: Lauren Mabry | photo six: wood/ceramic piece: Mari Iwabuchi

Where does all your artwork come from?

A lot of the artwork we have is from our travels, but particularly Italy, Spain and Mexico. Some is my own artwork. We also like to collect up and coming artists. I also worked at three different art schools and a number of the works we have are from connections we made. I’m also on the board of The Clay Studio so we collect ceramic artists as well.

Anything else you'd like to share?

Both: We just really love this house. The patio area is a great little sanctuary, with the fig tree we planted in 2010 that now has gone berserk with at least a hundred figs each season.  We moved here before Passyunk Avenue was as hot as it is now, and it has been amazing to see it grow, to be part of that growth, and to enjoy it. We are going to miss it a lot and hope the new owners are as happy here as we have been.

Ashley: We love to cook and spend a lot of time hanging out in our kitchen. Kevin makes great fresh pasta and pizza dough. We love wine, especially from the Paso Robles region of CA.

In photo one: house number: Margaret Almon | photo three: collage: Ivonne Perez

What is one last special thing about your home you will miss?

Ashley: The light at the post on the end of the stairway. It's magical to have it on.