Caitlin & Matt: Starting a Family

221 Hermitage Street truly served Caitlin and Matt since they first moved-in. This year the young couple will be moving to St. Cloud, Minnesota, where Matt is originally from. Caitlin is from Chicago, so they decided to move back to be closer to family. They are excited for the next chapter in their lives, but know it will be difficult to leave their neighborhood behind. We checked in with Caitlin to see what she and Matt will miss most about their home. 


What do you and Matt love most about Manayunk?

Manayunk is a great blend of neighborhood and city living. There is always something happening, between the Arts Festival, the Mummers Parade, the StrEAT Festival (a favorite because Main Street is lined with food trucks!) And the food! There are so many great restaurants on Main Street: Lucky's Last Chance, Taqueria Feliz, Han Dynasty and The Couch Tomato are some of our favorites!  

What are you going to miss the most when you leave?

The ability to walk to a variety of restaurants and shops. We love being able to just decide to walk (weather permitting) to grab coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner. The little shops are also so fun, we've made it a tradition to support the small businesses in Manayunk on Small Business Saturday (the Saturday after Thanksgiving) and start our Christmas shopping. Some of our favorite local shops are The Little Apple, Pineapple on Main and Latitudes and Longitudes.  We also love the nearby Union Tap House which is a great local bar and restaurant. Great food, beer, people, and Quizzo on Wednesdays.   

You named some amazing places to eat, what about your favorite coffee place?

Volo Coffeehouse hands down. I like to treat myself to a Vanilla Latte, it's the best in town! 

What is your favorite room of your house?

We both love Veronica's room so much. It is such a sweet room, some of the books on the shelves were ours when we were kids, and the others are all gifts from people who all love her so much.  The art in the room is also so meaningful. The alphabet above her bed was hand stitched by Caitlin's mom and the frame above her rocker was signed at her baby shower. The first thing we bought for her room was the You Are My Sunshine string art, which we bought at the Arts Festival down on Main Street! You can just feel the love when you're in that room and it makes us so happy to see her growing into it.  

Have you accomplished any milestones in your home?

Well within 6 months of buying this house we moved to Philly,  both started new jobs, and got married! About 15-months ago we welcomed Veronica into the mix! So this house has seen us go from engaged, to married, to parents. It will always hold a special place in our heart!

What was the home buying process like for you? What made you say, "this is it!"?

We loved the character of the house and the fact that it's unique, walking into the house there's defiantly a wow factor with the open ceiling and the catwalk on the 2nd floor. Honestly, the yard was the biggest thing for us that made us say "this is it!" It's such a luxury to have a big yard like ours in the city. We are both very busy so having a yard and the ability to let our dog, Russell, out easily was a big selling point.  

Manayunk is such a comfortable place to live in Philadelphia, with access to anything you would want from the city. Caitlin and Matt will miss feeling as though they had their own quite retreat just minutes away. Their house has been their favorite place to be in the city, and Caitlin and Matt hope that it will be the same for whomever moves in next!