Chrissy: Interior Designer


Chrissy was probably the first person I worked with who successfully accomplished a property ladder.  If not the first, definitely the youngest.  AT THE AGE OF 25, she had purchased a home on her own, and earned enough equity to purchase a second, bigger better property. 

As a very talented interior designer who works for EIMER DESIGN. Chrissy had more than enough vision to recognize her dream home in lovely and exclusive Girard Estates.   Twin homes are few and far between in this tiny and remarkable neighborhood, but Chrissy still managed to snag one of the best of these rare few.  At the time it came on the market, we were under agreement to buy a smaller new construction property near East Passyunk.  Discouraged by the developer’s unwillingness to deal with customizations, she kept an eye on the housing inventory.  Low and behold, our beautiful twin home hit the market at a somewhat reasonable price for the area.  Upon touring the property we realized why, it was nice, and well maintained, but there was carpet throughout the home and the kitchen, while large, was under used and what cabinets were there, were unremarkable. 

After surviving a tough negotiation with both the sellers and the lenders, Chrissy closed on her new home.  Over the last 5 years or so, she’s enjoyed entertaining her friends, family and Neighbors by hosting large back yard barbeques, Halloween parties and even Pampered Chef parties.  I’ve had the pleasure of attending at least one of each of these and can attest to the fact that Chrissy is an amazing host and incredible cook.  She’s got mad grilling skills.



Every time I’ve been fortunate enough to attend one of Chrissy’s events I’ve noticed how she’s slowly transformed her home into an extension of herself.  Her skills as an interior designer have allowed her to give the kitchen not only more usability, cabinets and counter space, but classic lines and color that are current but not trendy and will span time.  She’s applied a gorgeous striped treatment to the dining room walls and added luxurious lighting fixtures that light you as perfectly as a movie star on screen.  You’re always ready for a close up under her lighting designs.  In addition, she turned her over embellished, wallpaper covered bathroom into a soothing spa like retreat with Kohler and Toto fixtures.  She’s also redecorated her master bedroom while increasing the storage space.

After Chrissy went to town applying her professional design skills to her home, she added personal touches.  She’s decorated with beautiful little hand carved figurines her grandfather created in his twilight years.  She has some really sweet portraits adorning the walls that she scored from street artists in New York City and at the Jersey Shore.  Through all else, she found time to refinish furniture she acquired on Craigslist. The piece pictured here was sanded and finished and stands as not only a useful buffet, but as a fun conversation piece, and a miniature metaphor of Chrissy’s journey as a home owner.

Chrissy and I met years ago when we worked together at Blackney Hayes Architects.  Since then I’ve enjoyed working as her realtor and building a lasting friendship.  Seeing her transform her house into a dream home is like watching a friend’s child grow up.  She’s supported my business over the years by referring her wonderful friends and co-workers to me.  I’m so happy to know Chrissy and call her a client and a friend, and I’m so proud of her success in real estate.