Dan & Swati: Fisthown OGs

It isn’t very often we meet a seller who has owned a property for 25 blissful years, but when we do we’re humbled and struck with awe.  The lower the number of owners, the more intact a property tends to be and 1118 Shackmaxon St fits the bill. It’s hard to tell by the public records, but when Dan bought this property he could have been the second owner. Since then, he and his family haven’t just maintained this handsome home, they’ve enhanced it with tender loving care. You can tell by the striking details, and the incredible new addition.  Because they’ve made home improvement decisions with integrity they were able to enjoy a wonderful life in this quality space.

Here’s a few of some of their favorite things about living at 1118 Shackamaxon:

  1. Great neighbors that can be described as friendly and pleasant.

  2. Close proximity to the riverfront and Penn Treaty Park where there are festivals, sports, events and social gatherings.

  3. Fette Sau is just a few steps away. The Mercer family enjoys great BBQ and pleasant atmosphere and the Philly Home Girls love their happy hour special (chicken legs and deviled eggs) and cocktails.

  4. Dan and Swati’s daughter Anoushka loves going to Palmer Pond Art Center for craft and creative movement classes.

  5. She also enjoys going to Philly Music Lessons (on Susquehanna in East Kensington) for music classes.

  6. Dan has been getting his haircut at Joe Sulimay's barbershop for twenty years. He has great hair so we’ll trust him as a barber aficionado.

  7. Major highways and mass transit are easily accessible so getting anywhere is a breeze no matter which mode of transportation you prefer.

  8. They love getting Bahn Mi at Stock restaurant, which has some of the greatest Pho (Vietnamese soup) the city has to offer.

  9. Palm Tree Market down the street is super convenient. They can cater a family affair and have everything from deli sandwiches to health food. The staff is friendly and very fond of Anoushka.

  10. OMG their yard, their yard, their 100’ yard.


Not only is 1118 Shackamaxon St. an incredible home with all the bells and whistles, it’s an opportunity to enjoy a fabulous lifestyle for years to come.

What more could you ask for? Welcome home!