Danielle & Dave: Vintage Perfection

Danielle and Dave enjoyed living in Old City for three years since moving to Philly from California. As their lease end began to approach they started to crave peace and room to breathe. They were looking for a house with closer proximity to both of their jobs, which happened to be in two opposite directions. Danielle works for Urban Outfitters in The Navy Yard and Dave runs Performance Bike in Paoli.

After spending just shy of a year looking at houses, Danielle and Dave felt awful. They thought for they would never be able to afford a house that they would consider living in. Just when they were about to call it quits, Danielle's friend and coworker suggested they call Philly Home Girls. It was a match made in heaven. Sheena Marziano began to work with Danielle and Dave, after all, the Philly Home Girls specialize and love unique homes. She was so helpful in guiding the couple through the process and ended up finding them one of our favorite homes to date. We checked in with Danielle to hear their Home Story:

The day I pulled up to check out the house for the first time, I was surrounded by songs of birds, gentle breeze, and a peaceful neighborhood. It wasn’t the sound of traffic or trains, very calming instead. After living here it’s clear, that first impression was right.


We immediately loved the beautiful brick. There was nothing a little landscaping couldn’t help with shrubs and small trees around the property. With Sheena’s help we even negotiated the seller to help pay for a new roof!


When you first walk in, the view is stunning. Love it or hate it, it’s a sight to behold. The chandelier is just the first of many designer light fixtures you find as you walk through the house. There are several rooms with metallic wallpaper, which is always a fun surprise for our guests as they enter this 70's time capsule.

As we looked at so many houses the kitchens with were always the biggest disappointment. It was either too tiny or huge but needing a lot of work or even worse, recently remodeled not in our taste. This was much different, a generous amount of nice hardwood cabinets in need of just new hardware, appliances, and some down the road upgrades of counters and flooring. It feels clean and spacious with natural light that lasts all day without the need for turning on lights. We can live in it, enjoy it, and fix it up over time. The house doesn’t have any urgent repairs needed or intolerable finishes so we can make upgrades as we wish and take our time planning.

The kitchen comes with all the modern upgrades of the 1970s, In-wall toaster, instant hot water, in-counter blender, a whole house intercom. We can play music in every room of the house! The storage is more than we could ask for and the large counters are perfect for laying out snacks and spreads.

Another miracle of real estate, we asked for and got to keep almost ALL of the original furniture. When I first saw this house the furniture knocked my socks off. It looks like years of what we have been collecting at flea markets all over the country. It was as if everything we ever bought at a vintage shop had finally found its home.

This house is nothing if not sparkling. There was attention paid to every handle, hardware, and finish. It has so many polished details. And the metallic wallpaper can’t go without mentioning.

This funk fabulous home was ours and in perfect condition: 2 Bedrooms and 3 full baths. The details don’t stop on the first floor. The show stealer is definitely the basement.

The moment you walk down the steps your attention is caught by the geometric silver wall paper and the shag carpets. It quickly becomes apparent this house is made for hosting. The house came furnished with a tiki bar and a living room set where we put a projector to watch movies. It has the third full bath and a second kitchen with all the appliances for hosting parties, dance parties, because it has got a dance floor!!


We haven’t even gotten to my favorite room yet, the sunroom. It leads to our large yard. It’s a beautiful room to spend time in all year, as the sun just floods in and we can enjoy watching the birds and rabbits. In the winter it's also warm enough to sit and watch the snow fall. We have plants and herbs growing in the sunroom. We’ve set up a garden table to store garden tools and seeds. We put in a nice veggie garden out back we enjoy tending to in the summer. We’ve planted lavender hedges and plan to grow lots of beautiful pollinator-attracting plants and flowers. The house also came with a great paver patio we’ve furnished with a fire pit and outdoor dining set, perfect for enjoying summer evenings outside.

This house is so special. It offers us so much more than we could have imagined.We found a few artifacts and photos as we moved in and have spoken to the neighbors. We love learning about the history of the house. It turns out the previous owner was an interior decorator and she had the house custom built by her brother.

 She also owned a beauty shop in Philly. We feel like she created a warm and inviting house that craves hosting and sharing, and sets the tone for great family memories, parties, and activities.