Jenna & Dan: Crafter & Home Brewer


Jenna is a crafty, artistic, green thumbing, light fixture creating master. Daniel, Newcastle United F.C’s #1 fan, is the founder of the (unofficial) home brewing company Basement Brewing Company (BBC). Together, Jenna and Dan have spent the last four years filling their home on Sheldon St with all the things they love creating and enjoying. Their home is a clear reflection of their style, interests, and talents.

We spent some time with them this past weekend catching up about their memories in their first home and chatting about what they are going to miss most. There will be so many aspects of their home and neighborhood that they will miss but here are some of their top picks

1.     HomeBrew Competitions.

Jenna and Dan love attending Manayunk's various festivals: Manayunk Arts Fest and Stroll the Street on Thursday nights in the summer months are just two of their favorites. Live music, local art, and delectable treats are abundant during these neighborhood festivals throughout the year. Dan takes his brewing skills to the next level by competing in HomeBrew Competitions, like the one hosted at Roxtoberfest, they even walked away a winner!

2.     Entertaining at Home.

Twice a year, Jenna and Dan throw a large party, inviting all their friends and family. The summer bash is centered around Dan’s birthday and is filled with back yard festivities and beer pong competition on the roof deck. The Christmas party, arguably the more epic of the two, utilizes the whole house. Last year, they set up a photo booth, or room, in a second floor bedroom.

3.     Fireworks from the Roof Deck.

A 360° view of the Fourth of July firework shows can be found on the roof deck of 4741 Sheldon St. Jenna and Dan love to have to friends over on the Fourth to enjoy dogs on the grill during the day and a spectacular, no traveling required, firework show at night.

4.     Trivia Night.

Wednesday nights are for Trivia at Union Tap House. Looking for the best beer & wings in town, it’s just a 5-minute walk up the street!

5.     Schuylkill River Trail.

During the summer months and breezy autumn weather, Jenna loves to bike to work in King of Prussia. Jenna swears that it’s far more relaxing than sitting in the morning commute traffic. “It’s the easiest bike ride and I get to work quicker than driving!”