Kathleen: Charleston to Philly

Kathleen’s journey toward home ownership was a quick and spirited one.  The Philly Home Girls were first introduced to Kathleen by her fabulous Mother, Dolores who found us online and knowingly decided a team of strong independent women were the right people to focus Kathleen’s home search.  As a fellow Real Estate Agent relocating to the Philadelphia area, Kathleen didn’t need her Mother’s advice to find suitable housing, but after meeting some of the competition, she decided to give us a try. Having spent the better part of her real estate search with an agent from the suburbs who didn’t know how to advise her on location, then another who showed her rentals and didn’t explain that in Philly owning is cheaper than renting, she had little time to work with us to locate the perfect condo.  We were up for the challenge, of course, and used every moment of Kathleen’s limited time wisely.


On a dark and snowy week night in November, I finally met Kathleen in person.  She was relocating from Charleston, so I was looking forward to connecting with a fellow Carolina Girl who could commiserate about the weather. Kathleen did not disappoint.  She showed up in a cheeky red pea coat, red umbrella and riding boots on the first tragically winter night of the year.  She trudged through a slew of Old City condos in the cold, wet dark.  She agreed to nosh on pizza while we wrote our offer.  Most importantly she was bold and brave enough to plunge full speed ahead with a distressed, bank owned property with a ton of competitive bids. Guess what, Kathleen is a winner through and through, and fueled by her first slice of Philadelphia pizza, she won the bidding war.

Once Kathleen got a hold of her condo she set to work making it her own. She brightened up the space with designer objects she brought from Charleston and found discovering her new city on her days off.  She softened the light from her oversized repurposed factory windows with beautiful custom shades.  She polished the urban chic poured concrete beams and ceilings by adding chrome, nickel and organic decorative accents.  Finally, she added a personal signature touch by hanging original artworks created by her mother Doloros, our original PHG public relations department.

From the first night we met, to present day, Kathleen has been a true and treasured friend of the Philly Home Girls.  We’ve gone as far as attending our first MMA Cage Match together at 2300 Arena to spending New Year’s Eve together.  She’s proud of us and appreciates what we do and she’s not afraid to promote our talents to her friends, colleagues and the general public.  We often kid that she’s our unofficial spokesmodel.  Yet we all know, there’s a grain of truth to every jest.  Thank you Kathleen for all you do for us and for being a great friend.

- Jeanne