Keith & Rita: Moving Up

Gallery, studio, work of art, home:  For Keith and Rita, these things are one in the same.

They were originally attracted to this property for its artistic details. The home was recreated by an artist and a craftsman, not a contractor's profit-driven flip.  Keith and Rita stabilized the home's minor challenges and moved on with their lives, which allowed them to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  The home stood on its own as a work of art and that concept spoke to them as a sign.

It’s true what they say- when you see your home, you know.

Immediately upon moving in, they created a live-in gallery for their own work and collection.  They added intricate built ins to display their objects d’art. Light streaming in from transom windows and highlighted via high ceilings lent itself as gallery lighting. Exposed beams, niches and minor expanses of white walls did a Barnes quality job of display.  Keith and Rita acted as the curators.

Of the two rooms, the smaller room in the rear of the house became a quiet area for Keith Greiman to paint some of his most poignant works. (Jeanne purchased “Under the El” for her own home after originally seeing it at Space 1026.) As one of the primary developers of East Kensington, the painting acts as a record of the neighborhood’s challenges that she and Blue Truck LLC have set out to relieve.

At home, Keith and Rita fell in love with their neighborhood and their neighbors. Contrary to popular opinion, you can live perfectly comfortably in the Old Richmond Civic section of Fishtown without a car.  The neighborhood is walkable and laced with lines of public transportation via bus and the El. They established themselves as anchors in the neighborhood.  Keith moonlights as a bartender at Memphis Taproom and brings in clientele and visitors from all over, as does the restaurant's extra friendly staff and delicious vegan cuisine.  Rita and her fabulous business partners opened Minnow Lane, a boutique on Frankford Avenue that specializes in healthy and organic lifestyle products for babies and parents. Although relatively new, the shop was voted Best Baby Store by Philadelphia Magazine in 2016. It  is a flagship store for the burgeoning and world-class boutique shopping along Frankford Avenue.

The Philly Home Girls love and adore their clients. Keith and Rita exemplify everything that our clients are about.  They’re creative, kind, beautiful people that stand for the betterment of the city both aesthetically and commercially.  Thank you both for all you do, and for being wonderful people and friends.