Kelli & Jim: Visionaries

If you’re sharing air in the same room as Kelli and Jim, it is undeniable how fun, and creative these two are.  A few conversations in and you’ll have a new vernacular that you’ll never forget.  The dogs are called Neeps and they are almost as cute as their people.


Kelli and Jim enjoyed an adventure of a house hunt.  The market was so hot you could see the prices go up right before your eyes.  You had to have vision if you were to get a deal at all.  Not only did they have the right vision for their space, but they scored a rare opportunity to visit their house before other buyers. Lucky for them the seller had very recently undergone a surgery and most likely in a dopey pain killer infused haze, he confirmed us for a showing. He was fairly surprised when we should up and from a reclined position in bed, through the duration of anyone else’s’ possible appointments, he told us all about his life and memories in the home, and his future at the shore. The door was knocking, the bell was ringing, but it wasn’t our door to answer nor our bell to hear so we chose to ignore it and bliss out on stories from the owner.  Low and behold, the first offer that was received, was accepted, and it was ours.

As fate would have it, here are a few of Jim and Kelli’s favorite things about living at their Italian Market Home:

1. Great neighbors that can be described as friendly and pleasant keep an eye on their property, and get a general kick out of them.

2. A stone’s throw from some of Philly’s most delicious and stylish dives including Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar, and Garage.

3. You could trip and fall into a cheesesteak as Pat’s and Gino’s flank the intersection of their street and Passyunk Ave. This isn’t great for the waistline but it’s fabulous for out of town visitors.

4. Their yard can be described as acreage by South Philly Standards.

5. Being so centrally located they can walk to almost anywhere, including the E-A-G-L-E-S stadium if so desired.

6. The architectural details of their home are unique including a lofted ceiling with rafters above the kitchen, high ceilings throughout, refinished original hardwoods, and a screened in porch.

7. There is so much essential Philly vibe to enjoy aesthetically every day, including crazy power line configurations, weird parking spot claiming objects, rogue pet stores.

8. All manner of fresh and prepared foods are a literally arm’s reach away up 9th St in the Italian Market to Queen Village for Whole Foods, down Passyunk Ave to the Acme, Passyunk Square, and along Federal St to Pennsport in one direction and New bold in the other.

9. There are lots of every day conveniences at close range including the post office, a long-standing church that holds seasonal festivals,  community garden, playground, 24-hour CVS, and the public library.

10. Their trucks and motorcycles fit into the natural landscaping of the neighborhood quite nicely. 


What more could you ask for? Welcome home!