Kendall & Jamie: Planting Roots

Jamie, an expat from Denver and Kendall a native New Yorker have enjoyed growing their family at 869 N 24th Street.  Unfortunately relocating for work will take up the roots they just planted.  Fortunately with every cloud comes a silver lining.  They will be welcomed to Denver by the open arms and smiling faces of Jamie’s family.

While excited at the adventure that lies ahead, they will be missing their neighborhood and their stunning home! It’s the perfect location for experiencing all the city has to offer but with a slower pace that only a tight-knit neighborhood can provide. They love it so much that when it came to writing a top 10 list they had to change it to a top 12!

Here are the Jamie and Kendall’s 12 favorite things about 869 N 24th Street:

  1. Gathering with their Friendly neighbors at events and fundraisers, including the Halloween parade, Easter Egg Hunt, outdoor movies at the Penitentiary, and Eakins Oval during the summer.

  2. The art of stoopin' in the spring, summer, and fall with their neighbors.

  3. Being only 5-10 minutes from Smith's Playground, Philadelphia Zoo, Please Touch Museum, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Art Museum, Sister Cities.

  4. Walking, running and biking on the Schuylkill River Trail.

  5. Scooter rides to the Playpen, followed by a treat at Philly Flavors.

  6. Grilling and dining al fresco on the backyard patio.

  7. Watching fireworks from the roof deck with a glass of wine.

  8. Eggs Benedicts at Little Pete's, Turkey burger and beer at Rembrandt's, and the Grilled Octopus at Zorba's Tavern.

  9. One quick, pleasant bus (48 or 7) ride to Center City.

  10. Basking in the natural light from the bay window in the den.

  11. The joy of flower boxes and urban gardening.

  12. Their charming house especially the exposed brick as an architectural element.