Kimberley & Bill: Growing Family

There are a lot of moving parts in a real estate career.  As a real estate agent we devote our time to being fully available to our clients, fielding technical questions and emotional doubts, creating and executing marketing plans, negotiating, showing and staging properties, seeking out new clients as well as maintaining relationships with past clients.  The common misconception is that the subject of all these activities is a property when in fact it’s the people that make the property. 

I first met the Kimberley and Bill through their relocation company. They were moving from New Orleans, Kimberley’s home town, to Philly, where Bill’s origins began.  We had a lovely time getting to know each other, swapping life hacks, and discovering the neighborhoods in Philly that felt most like they had a little of each of their regional comforts.

In the month of February, by using matches to defrost lock boxes, Bill, Kimberley and I found an incredible 3-story row home with some incredible features.  On the front porch a few doors down stood a Christmas tree decorated in purple, gold and green for Mardi Gras. It was good omen.  They considered their first home a warm start to a healthy future. Some of the things they’ve enjoyed most included the porch front that makes the home feel like a quaint cottage in the country.  The private and secluded back yard hosted festive gatherings and family dinners al fresco. In addition to the train and bus routes being close, they could also walk to bustling Main St. Manayunk, the dog park, the rec center where social sporting teams play, and steps that lead down into Forbidden Drive, Fairmount park’s running, biking and hiking trails. They had their first adorable baby there and then I get the call.  House and baby number two are on their way. 


After purchasing their first home, Kimberley upgraded the master bath to something straight out of architectural digest with a claw foot tub and a chandelier. That and some other lovely upgrades helped us attract the next owner, a family with 2 commutes in opposite directions whose life would vastly improve with the advent of a 2-car garage, a yard, and a location directly in the middle of where their jobs were.

From there, we had to find Kimberley and Bill a new house in Narberth. If you’ve never been there, it’s the quaint and charming Mayberry of the Main Line complete with a Dickens Festival at Christmastime.  Finding a home there is a bit of a challenge. The location is so coveted that oftentimes the houses trade between families and never hit the open market.  Bill and Kimberley were committed to the process and it paid off, after a few multi-bid situations they landed the loveliest of homes with a spacious yard and opportunity to expand and a very incredible back story involving a pair of spinster twin sisters and cheeky little beneficiary who couldn’t be happier that Kimberley and Bill would be the next family to enjoy their life at this home.

I was fortunate to be connected to Kimberley and Bill’s first real estate adventure. To be included on their next two journeys was an honor and a pleasure. They’re both such incredible people.  They devote their lives helping others, and contributing to the general public’s health, safety and well being. They’re true heroes on the daily and deserve all the best that Philadelphia and the world have to offer.