Marcus & LeShadae: Love at First Sight

It was love at first sight a few times.  For sure when they met each other.  The myth became a reality again when Marcus and LeShadae first laid eyes on the property that would become their home.  Situated in the Olney section of Philadelphia, close to public transportation with easy access to Roosevelt Boulevard, commuting by car, bus, or train would never be an issue. Their home has all the characteristics, comforts, and amenities they were looking for. From an outdoor deck where they could relax and have family functions, to the jacuzzi soaking tub where they created their own relaxing oasis.

From the second they moved in, the neighbors were friendly but over the years became like family. With the addition of two children, the pitter patter of little feet made the home complete. With the birth of each child they were showered with gifts from the neighbors, who made it their business to help shovel snow, mow the lawns, and return the recycle bin on trash pickup days. These generous little favors never went unnoticed and always elicited gratitude. The fact that the neighborhood is filled with walking parks, playgrounds, swimming pools and is super convenient to shops, eateries, roadways, and transportation, ties all the good people in the area together.  

The love at first sight myth became a realty again when Leshadae became the 4th Philly Home Girl in history.  We loved her so much as a client, she became a friend, and then a real estate agent, and naturally a Philly Home Girl.  Leshadae’ s animated spirit and infectious laugh began the culture of we that we’re known for today.

Nowadays Leshadae is busy nurturing her beautiful and wonderful family which she makes us feel part of every time we get the chance to rendezvous.  She also provides a great deal of fun and amusement to children in the city by programming for one of the largest recreation centers in town.  Her own wonderful kids have the benefit of enjoying the results of her efforts and being inspired by their Dad’s good works.  Marcus is a hero to us and to everyone around him.  He coaches a football based social program for young fathers. 

Giving back to the people of Philadelphia and making the city a better place is the hallmark of the Philly Home Girls’ community and a trade mark of all the Philadelphians we love, including these four.  Marcus, Leshadae, A’janni and Layla, you guys are the absolute best!