Sarah Gamble: Artist


Instant Connection

Helping Sarah find the house she’s called home for 12 years was instinctual because the moment we met, Sarah and I were instantly connected. You’re from the south? Me too! You went to art school? Me too! You know Daniel, and Hamdi, and Carrie, and everyone from that corner of the world? Me too! To this day, I can never get enough Sarah!

From Day Job to Award Winner

Sarah’s house hunt fluctuated with her life. She went from working a day job at our real estate brokerage as the receptionist to becoming a Pew Grant award winner with the ability to quit her day job and work full time as an artist. She went from showing her works on paper at Pageant Gallery in Queen Village, to being represented by Fleischer Ollman. We went from looking at giant fixer uppers that had room to store other artists and their work habits to something reasonably sized, in good shape, that didn’t need much work.


Roof Deck Society

12 years ago, Point Breeze was a somewhat unknown pocket of Philadelphia that didn’t host many small business to patronize. It was a great neighborhood to buy a starter home in the $100Ks. It’s always been a 10 block walk directly north to Rittenhouse Square, but it didn’t always have a roof deck society.


The Value of Neighbors

Speaking of, I recently showed a $500K house with a roof deck to another client of mine and I looked down from the roof deck to see Sarah working her garden behind this house. I told my client, “ The value of this house just went up, because you get to be neighbors with Sarah.”


How Times Change

Today, Point Breeze, and neighboring Newbold, host many businesses that  have moved into the area like, The Pharmacy, American Sardine Bar (which has a great open mic night and improv,) On Point Bistro, and even a new vegan corner store, V marks the shop.

The Art

It is amazing what beautiful pieces of art have been made in this traditional row home, in this pocket of South Philly. Her most recent exhibit at Fleisher Ollman Gallery where she is represented, took two years to create. I take pride and joy in supporting our clients, their businesses, and their passions. I encourage you to support local art and artists! Owning an original piece of current art is like owning a part of Philadelphia history.