2329 Frankford Avenue



The three most important factoids about this incredible opportunity include: 1) It’s located 1 door in from the apex of where the FNA, EKNA, and ORCA meet. If you don’t know what that means, it’s where the Fishtown Neighborhood Association, East Kensington Neighborhood Association, and Old Richmond Civic Association (more commonly known as NOYO or North of York) meet. 2) It’s zoned CMX2 so by right you can open a business on the 1st floor, in fact you must. 3) This property is a WHOPPING 20.5 feet wide!!!!!!! Currently the 1st floor of the property has been 90% gutted. The remaining 10% of the property is a kitchen. The basement has also been gutted so there is no heater, electricity, or hot water tank. The 2nd and 3rd floor remain residential and rehabilitated by a past owner. The current owner has made improvements to the bilco doors by installing brand new ones, and to the 3rd floor door to the roof. When you visit DO NOT GO OUT ON THE ROOF please. There is no roof deck or guard rails. This is a prime location ready for your preferred use and rehab.