3060 Amber St


Bedrooms: 2 | Bathrooms: 1
Closing Price: $53,000

Resting on a quiet block, this home features a sturdy metal siding to protect you from harsh weather and a host of renovations. From the expansive living room and dining room to newly installed cabinets and tile floor in the kitchen, this home is a fantastic investment. Other notable additions include a new heater, roof, front door, and touch-ups to the wood floors throughout the home. Upstairs, you'll be greeted by two cozy and spacious bedrooms and a bathroom. The home was previously rented by one tenant for six years at $775/mo. A cash buyer could see 8.4% return on investment per year. With 20% down a buyer financing this property could cash flow at $430/mo. That's a 34% return on investment per year. This is a cash cow. A real money maker. A low risk investment. First time home buyers could acquire with $1000 out of pocket and pay $300/mo for their mortgage. Amber is in the heart of Kensington, a growing neighborhood that's constantly improving. The New Kensington Community Development Organization has been working on quite a few real estate projects around the area, including revamping the nearby Orinoka Mills Factory. The new development is slated to bring more commercial activity and residents into the recreated Orinoka Civic House. 3060 Amber itself is close to a variety of thriving business and restaurants in the area, including Yay Clay, Krakus Market, Mercer Café and New Wave Cafe. With all of these amenities and more, you won't want to miss out on this home.