Deirdre Affel


I’m Deirdre Affel, longtime Philadelphia resident, design enthusiast, and Realtor. As a Philly native with extensive experience in the real estate world, I pride myself on making sure that you are able to move swiftly through the process of buying or selling a home.

I was born and raised in the city of brotherly love while also moving in and out of Washington DC, Southern California, and Barrington RI – the last of which is where I first acquired my real estate license. I eventually found my way back to Philly with my husband Griffin and three sons. There’s a lot of beauty and diversity within Philly, and I couldn’t stay away for too long.

Before jumping into the real estate world, I had a long and pleasant career working in advertising and marketing with a host of publications around the city. This helped me to learn every nook and cranny of Philly, and all of the unique characters that live within it. I enjoy incorporating my love of marketing and design into my work, and I’m behind the scenes making sure that our listings shine. I’ve also taken special schooling to assist seniors with downsizing, as being able to cater to every aspect of the real estate process is a priority of mine.

When I’m not helping clients navigate the ups and downs of the real estate world, I’m spending time reading, cooking, and swimming. I love animals – maybe too much – and I’ve never met a baby or a group of kids I didn’t love. Don’t tell anyone, but I also have a serious 12 step problem with HomeGoods and thrift store shopping for gorgeous props that will enhance our listings.

Even more than selling houses, I sell experiences. I and the Philly Home Girls will help you to sell our buy a home using our extensive network and skillsets. I look forward to meeting you and let’s connect!

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