First-time Seller in Philadelphia in 2017

Zoe is a personal friend of mine, so when I decided it was time to sell my Fishtown townhouse, I knew who to call. I was astounded by her finesse and enthusiasm from the moment she walked into our first meeting -- the literature materials were both stylish and comprehensive, and Zoe had already researched my neighborhood to recommend a possible listing price. Since I was a first-time seller, she expertly walked me through my house offering suggestions on possible improvements.  

When my house went on the market, I received a full price offer within the first week. Trusting Zoe's experience and judgment (in friendship as well as in real estate!), I gladly accepted the offer and we moved forward with the paperwork. All communications were prompt and Zoe took care of everything, from hiring a contractor for minor repairs to recommending a hauling crew when I had finals the same week as closing. 

I couldn't have asked for a more relaxing and seamless first-time seller's experience than the one I received through the magnificent Zoe, Jeanne Whipple, and the rest of the Philly Home Girls. I trust and love this team, and would recommend them highly again and again. 

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