Bought a condo in 2013 for $175K in Fishtown

Kristin and her team (The Philly Home Girls) are the best!

As a relatively young lady buying my first home, I had some trepidation about the process. Kristin came highly recommended by a trustworthy friend and I couldn't have asked for a better agent. She is a full service provider who is passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated to her profession.

RESPONSIVE. Because of my odd schedule, I frequently emailed Kristin outside of business hours and, to my pleasant surprise, received timely and consistent feedback. This was especially encouraging because the property's listing agent was the least responsive "professional" I had ever encountered. If not for Kristin's diligence, I'm certain we would not have closed on my incredible new home.

SAVVY. I'm brand spanking new to Philly from Brooklyn so my knowledge of the neighborhoods was fairly limited. A veteran of the city, Kristin's market savvy was greatly appreciated. She offered detailed accounts of each neighborhood, paying special attention to the characteristics that were most important to me (sense of community, social scene, safety, etc). She helped me find a newly renovated home in a hot-yet-developing neighborhood, which I'm certain will yield future rewards.

CONNECTED. The Philly Home Girls is a one-stop shop. Like any ethical agent, Kristin encouraged me to perform my own due diligence with regard to mortgage lenders, HOI providers, inspectors, etc. At the same time, the breadth and depth of her experience is reflected in her professional network and recommendations. I can honestly say there were no surprises throughout the process, which is priceless.

CREATIVE. From the moment I saw this property, I knew it was the home for me. Unfortunately, and to our surprise, the property's listing agent hadn't published that it was occupied by a new tenant with nearly a year left on the lease. Knowing my heart was set on the property, Kristin flexed her creative muscle which culminated in an arrangement that left smiles on the faces of all parties - the seller, the tenant, and me.

SUPPORTED. Kristin is able to operate at the pinnacle of excellence with the support of her Project Manager (and all around fabulous person), Zoe Draper. Zoe's diligence contributed to a hiccup-free process and her effervescent personality always left me feeling warm and fuzzy.

I couldn't have asked for more and I thank my lucky stars for the expertise and panache of The Philly Home Girls. - View on Zillow