Bought a Mount Airy home in 2015!

I will admit that I was probably one of those open house wanderers that real estate agents probably dread encountering on a Sunday afternoon.  You know, the person who is kind of looking for a house, sort of thinking about buying, but not really all that sure about it...yet.  As per my usual modus operandi at that time (c. 2010 - 2013), I happened to be out in the east passyunk ave. neighborhood for Sunday errands a few years ago and I noticed a super fun looking bright pink open house sign.  Of course, I followed the sign...I mean, c'mon, it was hot pink with arrows just beckoning me to abandon my responsibilities for a brief moment so that I could check out this open house!   It looked like way more fun than continuing on my direct journey to Acme.  I soon realized that the open house was on the same block as the first home that I ever rented in South Philly.  Upon entering the home, I was greeted by Kristin and Zoe of the Philly Home Girls.  They were super friendly and they offered a glass of lemonade to me as I began to wander around the home on that hot summer afternoon.  I was no where near being ready to purchase a home at that time, but they were still so nice to me.  Often, other realtors in the city would barely acknowledge me since they could tell that I was not seriously going to make an offer on the home or they would push too hard to convince me that I should be buying a home right now!  Kristin provided me with her business card and encouraged me to contact her in the future whenever I was ready to move forward with the process of purchasing my first home.  She also sent a follow up email that left the door open for me to contact her when I was ready.  It was just the right amount of encouragement while also recognizing that I should take all the time that I need to prepare myself for purchasing a home on my own time line. 

Fast forward to a couple years later, I happened to still have that little hot pink business card in my night stand and the email that I saved from years ago.  My husband and I were finally ready to seriously consider purchasing our first home.  I remembered Kristin because she was so friendly, knowledgeable, and she seemed like she would be a genuinely awesome person to be at our side as we made the leap into this unknown territory of purchasing our first home.  We were also looking into making the move from South Philly to Mt. Airy, because we were seeking trees, a bit more space without officially leaving Philadelphia, and we were jonesing for a more diverse neighborhood.  Kristin was able to guide us through the whole process and Zoe was her right hand lady, available for our every question and concern at any time.  Seriously, day or night, Philly home girls will be there for you.  Also, the great thing about working with this group of realtors is that they really do function as a team.  We even had help from Kristin's fellow Philly Home Girl, Deirdre, when Kristin was not able to be with us in person.  Oh, and that also reminds me that I should mention that I cannot imagine having a more dedicated team in my corner for this process.  Kristin maintained contact via email, phone, and text messages even when she was on personal vacation, while boarding a plane for a business trip,  and even while rushing off to be with family for the birth of her brother's baby and it did not matter whether it was late at night after my evening classes, during my lunch break at work, or on weekends.  

I could go on and on about how wonderful it was to work with Kristin and the Philly Home Girls team, but most importantly, I can say that the most meaningful part of the process was to have a consistent source of support as we entered this uncharted territory.  The support came in the form of imparting the  knowledge that Kristin has obtained from years of experience as a real estate agent; linking us with resources as she has wonderful connections in the community who were able to assist us in this process; and most importantly, demonstrating empathy as she validated the emotions that we expressed as we encountered the ups and downs, frustrations and joys of buying our first home.  The process lasted for 6 months as we began our search, made an offer, and closed on our first home.  Somehow, we got everything on our wish list and remained within our budget by being patient, flexible, and staying focused.  I am so happy to be settle into our home for the holidays and I am looking forward to staying in contact with the Philly Home Girls.  Who knew that 2 years ago, Kristin would be the realtor who helped us buy our first home and now, we are also friends and neighbors, to boot!  Thanks for everything, Kristin, Zoe, Deidre, and the entire PHG team!
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