Sold a Home in Philly in 2017

Kristin and her team at Philly Home Girls did an absolutely amazing job with setting everything up for us from the beginning to end. This was the second time the house was put on the market. Without naming names, we were able to compare our previous efforts to sell our home with what Kristin and her team were able to do. There was, to put it simply, no comparison. From the professionalism of the pictures they took to the incredible manner in which they took care of every problem that cropped up ( problems always crop up- this is a stressful process no matter what), they were there from the beginning to the very end. I can't tell you how happy we are with the result (7% over our asking price) to the manner in which everything took place. And we are very happy that we find the perfect buyers for the home. I know that they will enjoy this home as much as we did for the last 17 years.

So, to conclude: Thanks Kristin and thanks to the whole team (particularly Zoe) who made this all happen for us. You are the best.

-Frank H.

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