Jon George


Listing/Marketing Coordinator

I was born and raised in England and eventually became a ninety-day fiancé, moving to South Philly in 2017 in order to get married. I graduated from Northumbria University with my Bachelors in Creative Writing and still have aspirations to become a published author.

My first full time position was as a sports journalist writing for the world’s leading Mixed Martial Arts Magazine. It was during this time social media was exploding and I used my skills to transition over into a more marketing role. I was then hired by Newcastle City Council to maintain and run all of their social media channels for over forty libraries in the Tyne and Wear area. I kept this position until I made the move over to the states and I worked on Philadelphia’s Jewelers Row for the first year and a half of my time here doing jewelry photography and online sales.

My main hobbies are gaming, podcasts, and any content involving true crime. When I am not gaming at home, I can be found ordering progressively spicier curries in the Thai and Laos restaurants of South Philadelphia. I try to make it back to England at least once a year and when I do my favorite place to visit (other than family!) is Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have always been interested in real estate and fascinated with the differences in American neighborhoods, so having a job where I get to help people buy or sell a home in Philadelphia is a perfect fit. I am looking forward to eventually putting down roots in Philadelphia, buying my own home with my wife, Kirsten, and my fur child, Opal. If you see a fluffy cat on our Instagram, chances are it’s Opal.