Moving in Philly: Street Closure Permits Are Your Friend

 There's few things as exciting as moving to a new area, though it can come with plenty of ups and downs. Whether you're a long-time Philly fan or this is your first time in the city, we want to make sure your move is as painless as possible. Here's a a few tips from our Transaction Manager Zoe Draper to help you make a seamless move into Philly. 

When I first moved to Philly way back in 2006, I had my few worldly possessions shipped to my college dorm & it took half a day to get my little rectangle all beautified—if only it could always be that simple!

Since then I’ve moved six times—typical of the majority of other 20-somethings I know—each time bribing various boyfriends and friends with pick-up trucks to cart my growing collection of household goods across the city in exchange for the universal moving currency of pizza, beer, and undying devotion.

While we survived sweltering heat, pouring rain & sweaty frustration, each move went off relatively drama –free…until this last one. Having spent the previous ten months cleaning out my childhood home following my Dad’s death I had accrued volumes of priceless family treasures, prompting me to hire a professional moving company for my return to Philadelphia. I made a point to ask them if they would need a street closure permit, explaining the nature of the City’s narrow one way streets and lack of parking, but they assured me that it wouldn’t be necessary.


The events of the morning my truck finally arrived are a blur, probably because I blacked out from stress. Suffice it to say that after negotiating the use of a construction site for parking, talking my way out of a ticket for blocking 3rd from some gracious but unamused Policemen, and apologizing to the good patrons of the 57 Bus for keeping them waiting, the truck driver opted to trade the 80’ truck for a smaller one to shuttle my precious cargo.

And then this happened:

 The perils and joys of moving.

The perils and joys of moving.

It’s a miracle I didn’t get a ticket or do any damage to the sidewalk, but after the sixth hour I stopped caring.

In the end it all worked out, but it really didn’t have to be so hard.


If you’re moving in Philly it’s easy and worthwhile to get a temporary street closure permit.

Here’s how:

1. Fill out the application on the City’s website:

Philadelphia charges $25.00 per 40 feet of space (2 parking spaces) per day & the typical moving truck is 80’ long (4 parking spaces)

Trust me,  it’s well worth the $50 bucks.

 Photos courtesy of Stellar Movers LLC.

Photos courtesy of Stellar Movers LLC.

2. Wait 4+ days for the Streets Department to email your invoice.

3. After payment is made, they will email you copies of your permits (one for each 40’ span)

That look like this:


4. The streets department website says that at this point, you’ll be placed on a “Temporary No Parking List” so the police can post your signs 24 hours in advance.

Buuuttttt, they can’t guarantee there won’t be an emergency that takes precedence so I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you print your permits, take them to your nearest police station and pick up your signs yourself.

Find your district police station here:

They will give you the signs to post on either end of your designated space that look like this:


5. Fill out the signs with the info from your permits so all your new neighbors know they better get out of your way! Then secure them where the whole world can see them!

 Tied with a bow, the Philly Home Girls way.

Tied with a bow, the Philly Home Girls way.

6. Before your truck arrives, be prepared with your permits on hand to get any stray vehicles out of the way. If you call the non-emergency line for your local police district ( DO NOT CALL 911—get the non-emergency numbers here: and ask them REALLY NICELY-they might send someone to help you locate the owners of any cars still parked in your spot. Remember, you paid for the permit so you have the right to that space for the designated time, but a polite attitude+ some Dunkin Donuts products will go a long way to stay in your neighbors’ good graces.

And before you know it, your move will be complete and you can enjoy your beautiful new home!!