EXPERT Advice: When to use a Real Estate Agent to Find a Rental in Philly

While people in Philadelphia often work with real estate agents to buy a house, individuals looking to rent often take the tasks of finding a place themselves. While sometimes it can be better to fly solo to get your perfect rental, there are big advantages to using a realtor. Are you moving to Philly from another city? Have a tight budget? Need pet-friendly? Let us help you figure out if using a real estate agent is best for you.

Allison Fegel , Philly Home Girls Realtor

Allison Fegel, Philly Home Girls Realtor

Knowledge: We know Philly neighborhoods and the rental market. Whether you’re moving from New York or have lived here for years, trust us to guide you to the best location based on your criteria. If you know Philadelphia in, out, and sideways and are a rental market enthusiast, clearly this might not be a benefit for you.  

Convenience and Efficiency: With a little information from you, we’ll send rental listings directly to you. We can easily make appointments and plan a tour that makes the best use of your time. No phone calls for you to make. Plus, see multiple properties in one afternoon! If you enjoy the hunt yourself and time is not an issue, an agent advantage of convenience may not apply.

Cost: There is no cost for a tenant to work with a Realtor. New Yorkers, take note! In Philly, there is no brokerage fee. In Philly, landlords pay for tenant procurement and lease negotiation. So if you use a real estate agent or not, you will be paying the same amount for your rental. 

Access: We can access any home or apartment in the multiple listing services (MLS - this is the service that Realtors use). We can’t, however, access homes and apartments on Craigslist or any home that a private owner lists on his/her own.

Budget: If your budget is under $1,500/month, it may be best to use sites like rather than working with us. You’ll find more inventory in your price range listed privately by owners. Take some time to stroll neighborhoods too, some landlords still hang signs in windows.

Check out these recent testimonials from rental clients who worked with our team:

Allie B: “We were feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of finding a rental in a new city, that met all our criteria, during our three-day trip. Allison made it happen. She great to work with and as she learned more about us, quickly became the home curator we needed!”

Linda M (landlord): “What may take weeks or months for other Realtors to rent a property, Allison will get in done in no time flat!”

Tenant Client: We were moving from Brooklyn to Philly, and had no idea how to go about looking for apartments. It's a completely different world from apartment hunting in NYC (and no broker fees!), so we contacted a handful of realtors to start searching the city.  We worked with Christian, who was beyond amazing.

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