Moved from Boston to Philly in 2018

My husband and I found out we were moving from Boston to Philly and had only about a week to find a place and move in. On a whim, I checked Yelp for any broker or real estate services and stumbled upon Philly Home Girls. Within minutes of sending a form requesting assistance, I got a response saying someone would follow up with me.

That's where Christian comes in. He jumped in and asked us what we were looking for in terms of space, neighborhood, pricing (we also needed something pet-friendly for our dog) and then within just 1 day emailed us *43 listings* to check out. Having so many options, all within our requested parameters, allowed us to be a little pickier and choose the apartments we loved most. Christian was super responsive in answering our questions and even pushed us outside of our comfort zone to check out places we never would have considered.

Once we arrived in the city, Christian took us to all 13 of the listings we narrowed down to, giving us information about the neighborhoods and local food scenes. When we didn't find what we liked that first day (keep in mind, our time was super crunched), he immediately suggested we meet the following morning to check out a few more places. That morning, we found the place we wanted!

This is when the real magic happened. Despite it being New Year's weekend, Christian somehow got us our lease, documentation and information for the move in. We happily entered our amazing new apartment just 4 days later.

Honestly, having Christian help us with this move saved us so much time and efforts, especially given that we were out of town at the start. Christian went above and beyond our expectations and it's thanks to him that we're settled exactly where we want to be. If you're looking for a place to rent, Philly Home Girls has got your back! We're so grateful and happy.. thank you, Christian!