First-time Home Buyer in Philly in 2018

From the moment I first connected with Philly Home Girls to the moment I left their office after closing on my first home, every interaction I had with a PHG team member was informative, professional, straightforward, and kind. I worked with Allison H Fegel, who was knowledgeable, thoughtful, and well-organized every step of the way. What sets Allison and her teammates apart is their attention to detail and their anticipation of the homebuyer's every need: as I reached each new phase of the home buying process, I was greeted with clear and thorough explanations of everything I would need to collect, and every step I would need to take, to complete the process successfully. PHG's ability to get into the minds of first-time homebuyers, to anticipate their questions and perceive what they will need, is really special, and it honestly feels like a true paradigm shift in the real estate field. This is what I appreciated most about working with Allison and her team. When I decided to start considering purchasing a home last summer, I was a complete novice: I did not know where to begin, and I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the entire process. I reached out to the PHG team via their online form after reading their overwhelmingly positive reviews and admiring their polished social media presence. Based on their sophisticated branding and the beautiful homes they showcase online, I was at first even unsure if their office would work with someone whose budget was as low as mine! Within an hour of submitting my request (on a Saturday night, after 9pm), Allison sent me an enthusiastic email to set up an initial home search overview meeting. (She also reassured me that my budget was perfectly in line with the neighborhoods I was interested in, and she proved very knowledgeable of the realty terrain in those neighborhoods). At our first meeting, Allison gave me an exceedingly clear and thorough overview of the entire home buying process, showed me some examples of the kinds of homes she would research for me, and provided me with a complete (and of course, beautifully designed) dossier of useful explanatory documents, checklists, and recommended resources that I could refer to during each step of the process. This individualized attention, and attention to detail is absolutely characteristic of the PHG team. My home search itself was somewhat unique, as I was already living in the neighborhood where I wanted to buy, and I was prompted to start my homebuying search by the listing of a specific home on my street. Allison was an insightful guide through all of the properties we toured, and when I decided to put in an offer on the first home we saw, she was prepared to get the ball rolling right away and make all of the necessary contacts. Allison made the negotiation process as clear and straightforward as possible, and she was quick to answer all of my frantic phone calls, emails, and texts as I learned the ins and outs of homebuying in a very short amount of time. She also provided me with an extremely helpful list of recommended mortgage and insurance contacts, all of whom were just as prompt and easy to work with as the PHG team. Once my offer was accepted, I received a thorough "roadmap" email detailing of the rest of the buying process from PHG Transaction Coordinator Jessica Ann, which clearly explained every upcoming step from inspection to settlement. Jessica was patient and quick to answer all of my questions, and she continually checked in with me as each step was completed. Echoing the other reviewers here and elsewhere, I found that the Philly Home Girls made my first-time homebuying process as clear and straightforward as possible. I was never afraid to ask questions or met with radio silence, and I always felt 100% confident that Allison understood my needs, had my best interests at heart, and would competently meet every challenge. She was unflappable in the face of tricky negotiations and seller confusions, and she made the insightful recommendations I needed to get the home I love at a price I could afford. I am always happy to support women-led businesses, and Philly Home Girls exemplifies the powerful industry change that more women in leadership can inspire. - Tiffany D.